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Clever Paws | Canine Behaviour Modification

Specialised Canine Behavioural Concerns

  • Dog Aggression – Towards Other Dogs
  • Dog Aggression – Towards Humans
  • Dog Aggression – Grooming Related
  • Dog Aggression – Food Related
  • Dog Aggression – Leash Related
  • Barking – Excessive
  • Dog Separation Anxiety
  • Unnecessary Phobias / Anxieties
  • Obsessive Issues I.E Tail / Car Chasing

General Canine Behavioural Concerns

  • Dog Jumping Up on Visitors
  • Dog / Puppy – Excessive ‘Play Biting’
  • Dog / Puppy Grooming Difficulties
  • Dog / Puppy Nail Clipping Difficulties
  • Low Adult Dog Obedience Training
  • Dog Walking Difficulties / Issues
  • Dog / Puppy Toilet Training Difficulties / Issues
  • Low / No Dog Control Around Other Dogs
  • Low / No Dog Control Around Visitors
  • Unnecessary Hyperactivity

You have just made the most important first step in solving yours and your dogs behavioural difficulties; recognizing you have a problem, and finding help. Without looking for help with your dogs aggression, separation anxiety, barking, and walking issues, statistics prove you most likely to either maintain a stressful relationship with your dog lacking many of the core components keeping you both happy, or your dog becomes part of the embarrassingly high statistics of homeless dogs.

All dogs can be helped, no matter the age or breed.  Forget the old wives tale ‘you can’t teach old dogs new tricks’

If you have researched your dog’s breed and swiftly discovered the problems you are finding with your dog are actually a ‘breed trait’; chances are you are dead wrong.  If you Google your dog’s breed combined with a problem, no doubt many other people have had the same problem.  The common denominator is usually the human behind the keyboard, not necessarily the breed.

The majority of behavioural issues unwanted in the domestic home are simply your own dog’s reaction to its environment, and more importantly, its handling by you. If there was a dollar tax for each time a client insists after researching a breed, their dog’s aggression, barking, jumping up, walking issues, or separation anxiety was actually in the dogs breed; well, you know the story!

The bottom line is for the most part, dog problems are dog problems are dog problems. Typically created or reinforced by our environmental influence. The majority of breeders and writers of breed guidelines have a very poor understanding of canine psychology; with a lack of acceptable behaviour in their own dogs to match.

This may shock you, but breeding can count for as little as 5% of your dogs actual current behavioural make up. Just because we have historically bred dogs for all kinds of jobs, doesn’t mean we actually created them. Selective breeding is simply an attempt at manipulating the looks, behaviour, and health in an often unreliable manner of what was in fact, a wild animal.

Too many dogs are left to suffer as a result of their own misguided instincts and uneducated up bringing, but with the expert assistance of the correct professional combined with consistent work on your behalf, a happy, well behaved future lacking those behavioural issues such as aggression, barking, separation anxiety, and walking difficulties, is a very realistic goal.

The sooner you get your dog training and behaviour modification started, the higher the effectiveness and less stress you and your dog will go through. You will finish each training session seeing clear results with expert direction for your own follow up training, instead of struggling with behavioural problems for months and years thinking there may not be a solution, or your dogs intelligence is lacking.

With the advanced, and often unique techniques used and taught by Clever Paws, you will find solving your dog’s behavioural issues and completing training to be much easier and simpler than you ever imagined. These techniques will never alter your dog’s unique personality or jeopardize your dog’s right to be a happy, involved member of the family.

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